Old World Of Darkness


A site for fans of the Original World of darkness from White Wolf Games.


More specifically it is for hosting the Salt Lake City Vampire: the Masquerade Live action role playing game titled: What is this place?


Most of the info for that game in on the wiki at oldwod.net/vamp
The boards for the online aspect of this game are also now online at oldwod.net/forum

The next meeting of that game will be Nov 5th, 2009.  Hope to see you there.


For questions, comments or more information contact the storyteller -  storyteller AT oldwod.net

Some Important Links:


White Wolf Games

The world of darkness wiki

Grapevine LARP tool, wonderful peice of software for owod larps

Cool old wod graphics (the wiki graphic is from there)



If you are instead interested in the New World of Darkness;



The Salt Lake local branch of the Camarilla, White Wolf's offical fan club

Main Camarilla Website


Vampire: the Masquerade, World of Darkness, and the Various Clan Names are trademarks of the White Wolf.